Hardware ships pre-configured and ready to use

How many registers?

Register type

How many single-printer tagging stations?

How many double-printer tagging stations?

All-in-One registers contain computer, monitor, cash drawer and receipt printer in one unit (pictured on our homepage). They have a clean, futuristic look.

Classic Desktop registers are more traditional in appearance. They contain seperate components which need to be connected.

Tagging stations come with a touchscreen computer and your choice of a single-printer (1 price tag printer) or double-printer (2 price tag printers).


One time cost: $675.00

$X.XX lease administration fee

$X.XX setup and licensing fees

Monthly estimate: $181.22 *

$X.XX lease-to-own (4 years)

$X.XX cloud and support

Gift and Rewards card programs included with no additional fees

* Lease payment may differ based on credit and/or price fluctuations

How many price tag colors?

How many Gift Cards?

How many Rewards Cards?

How many Care Cards?

These are just the supplies you will start with; you can always order more.

Stickers and hang tags are premium direct thermal (no ink required).


Supply starter package: $158.00

$X.XX per box of stickers or hang tags (1 box of each included per color)

$X.XX per custom-printed Gift Card

$X.XX per bulk-printed Rewards Card includes 2 additional keychain cards

$X.XX per bulk-printed Care Card

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