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New Update Includes Production Goals!

We will be releasing an auto update Friday morning.  Here is a list of changes and improvements organized by app. Also look for a video coming soon about production goals and new additions to reports.  


  • Added Default Childrens price


  • Fixed search by DOB
  • Shows expired date in history
  • Added menu item to delete default Cares values


  • Added a functioning gift card designer, which you can use to design, print and activate your own gift cards


  • Made the name appear bigger on default ID card


  • Fixed line item display when using Simple Pole Display setting
  • Stopped recalculating sales after opening sales when a transaction is closed
  • Added a more helpful error messages when no internet or credit card software isn’t running
  • Logs when someone removes a payment
  • Logs when someone removes all items from a transaction
  • Added pay out and pay in features under Cash Transfers


  • Fixed sales rotation if created during the same week


  • Added production goals menu, which allows you to set how many items workers should be producing per hour.  As well as how much setup time they are expected to have
  • Asks workers how many "production hours" they are scheduled today, if haven’t been added for them beforehand
  • Added production hours menu, which allows a supervisor to view and edit production hours for any day
  • Redid colors to be more vivid
  • Removed grey and brown colors


  • Added Edit Goals permission under Tags
  • Added Edit Hours permission under Tags
  • Added Pay In and Pay Out permission under POS


  • Added Default Childrens setting under Books


  • Changed the server URL textbox to a drop down menu, when running Thrift Works for the first time