Cash Register


If your barcode scanner cannot scan barcodes displayed on phones, upgrade to Gryphon D4130


  • No price points (any price capable)
  • Sales based on color and category
  • Networked registers
  • Multi-store online reports
  • Multi-store vouchers per category
  • Multi-store gift cards
  • Multi-store rewards cards
  • In-store credit
  • Round up
  • Integrated credit cards (chip ready)
  • Integrated GOthrift
  • Ask to print receipt
  • Coupons
  • BOGO
  • Tax Exempt
  • New items
  • Cash drawer management
  • Permissions
  • Logging
  • Self diagnostics
  • Automatic backup


  • Free software and updates
  • Register hardware (approx $1,000/each)
  • Data usage (optional for multi-store and online reports)
  • Integrated credit card processing (rate match)


  • Windows 7 or higher computer
  • Internet access
  • Receipt Printer: Star TSP143U (PN: 39461110)
  • Cash Drawer: APG (PN: vb320-bl1616)
  • Cash Drawer Cable (PN: CD-101A)
  • LCD Pole Display: HP Smart Buy (PN: FK225AT)
  • Touchscreen Monitor: 15-TOM-M5 (PN: 1m1000r2b1)
  • Barcode Scanner: Gryphon D4130 (PN: GD4130-BKK1)
  • Barcode Scanner Stand: Gryphon Gooseneck Stand (PN: STD-G040-BK)
  • Credit Card Terminal: (Contact Us)

Getting started

  1. Give us a list of store categories and store/s information
  2. Contact us for a credit card application
  3. Let us know if you would like us to install and setup your store at an hourly rate
  4. If you are installing and setting up yourself, we will send your store files to you at no cost
  5. After installation and setup, we will setup your credit card readers at no cost


  1. Login to your computer as Admin
  2. Click “Home” on the top left of this page (
  3. Click the green “Download” button
  4. Open the downloaded file ( and double click “Thrfit_Works_Installer.exe”
  5. Follow and accept the default installation prompts

Hardware Setup

  • Install the drivers that came with your receipt printer, touchscreen monitor, and customer display
  • Plug in all of your hardware

Network Setup

  1. Connect your registers to the same router
  2. Each computer will need a password
  3. Each computer will need password protected sharing turned on (Control Panel / Network and Sharing Center / Advanced sharing)
  4. Each computer should navigate to all other register computers. When prompted enter the username and password for the computer you are connecting to, and checkmark “Remember” (IMPORTANT)

Register Setup

  1. Complete Network Setup above before continuing (IMPORTANT)
  2. Double click the icon on your desktop called “Thrift Works”
  3. Click “Cash Register”
  4. Click “This is a New Register”
  5. If you have already created a System folder at this store, it is IMPORTANT you click “Use an Existing System Folder”. Existing System folders will be found here: Network\(main computer name)\Register\System. If you have not yet created a System folder at this store, click “Create a New System Folder”
  6. Select a unique Register Number then click Save
  7. If this is a new System folder, it will ask for a Store file. Click “Install” and select the store file we gave you then click “OK”
  8. If this is a new System folder, it will ask for a Category file. Click “Install” and select the category file we gave you then click “OK”
  9. If this is a new System folder, it will ask for Sales Tax. Enter your sales tax percentage then click “Save”
  10. At this point this point, locate this Directory on your computer and share it with Everyone as Read/Write: C:\ProgramData\Thrift Works\Register (IMPORTANT)
  11. Sign in to Cash Register using the default Admin password: 1111
  12. Click (Manage / (Down Arrow) / Setup / Sharing) then checkmark “Share a path to my transaction data” then click “Save”
  13. You're ready to setup another register


Videos coming soon