Care Cards


  • Assign voucher values per category
  • Customer can shop independantly
  • Scan a card or give a phone number at the register to redeem
  • Automatically updates Assistance Tracking


  • Free with Assistance Tracking


  • Windows 7 or higher computer
  • Internet access
  • Assistance Tracking
  • Cash Register

Getting started

  1. Setup Assistance Tracking and Cash Register
  2. We'll send you setup information


  1. Login to your computer as Admin
  2. Click “Home” on the top left of this page (
  3. Click the green “Download” button
  4. Open the downloaded file ( and double click Thrfit_Works_Installer.exe
  5. Follow and accept the default installation prompts


  1. Double click the icon on your desktop called Thrift Works
  2. Click “Care Cards”
  3. Enter the setup information we sent you in the “Getting started” section above, then click OK
  4. Wait a few seconds for the main screen to load


Videos coming soon