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The easiest POS for thrift stores - Thrift Works Cloud

  • One-click setup
  • Automatic updates
  • Cloud-based (serverless)

Main features

  • Made for thrift stores
  • Simple operation / minimal training
  • Users, permissions and settings shared between workstations
  • Sales based on color and category
  • BOGO
  • Coupons
  • Round up
  • Ask to print receipts
  • Email receipts
  • Cash drawer management
  • Inventory management
  • Integrated credit cards
  • Price tag printing (any price)
  • Book pricing
  • ID card printing
  • Time clock
  • Advertises sales and hours online

Multi-store capable

  • Multi-store Gift Cards
  • Multi-store Rewards Cards
  • Multi-store Care Cards (vouchers)
  • Multi-store In-store credit
  • Multi-store Reports (sales, production, time clock)


There is no cost for software and automatic updates. Hardware can be purchased direct at cost. Monthly cloud and support fees start at $130 per store.


Thrift Works Cloud: PLEASE REQUEST

Thrift Works (non-cloud depreciated):

Assistance Tracking:

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