Automatic Inventory

Built-in supply monitoring replenishes your stickers, hang tags, and ribbons every month per your guidelines! Included with Price Tags and Book Pricing. Works with any POS.

GOthrift brings you customers

Reach customers where it counts, on their phones. The largest thrift store directory with rewards barcode, treasure hunts, daily coupons, silent auctions, sales promotion, built-in navigation and more.

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Thrift Works checks them out

All-in-one solution for thrift stores. Cash Register, Assistance Tracking (vouchers), Book Pricing, Care Cards, Gift Cards, ID Cards, Price Tags, Rewards Cards, and Time Clock.

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NPO Together helps you along the way

Everyones' go-to for event registration, fundraising, non-profit consulting, and training.

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Use Cases

  • A single cash register
  • Multiple registers between multiple stores
  • Rewards program using customer phones (saves on cards)
  • Home visit, voucher, and shopping with total communication between systems
  • Gift cards, rewards cards, care cards
  • Time clock with separate reports for employees and volunteers
  • Printing price tags for any POS
  • Printing name tags
  • Pricing books like an expert
  • Planning your next event

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