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Book Pricing

Automatically price books for your store or book sale by scanning barcodes.

Automate your book pricing

Simply scan a book's barcode. Your typical price will be adjusted automatically based on popularity. Adjustments are appropriate.

Find valuable books

Know which books should be sold online or priced higher for resellers (and by how much). Resellers will still buy them.

Improve your selection

Know when books are too unpopular and should be discarded. This will save valuable shelf space.

Advertise your selection

Integrate with Bookventory.com to automatically advertise your new selection.

Try it you'll like it

The full version is included in Thrift Works. Download Thrift Works latest version for Windows.


It's free to use for a limited number of scans per day. Increase your scans per day using our order anything service.


Modern computer with Windows 7 or higher operating stsyem, standard barcode scanner, Zebra GK420T printer or equivalent (if printing barcode price stickers), and fast internet, preferably wired.

Need supplies?

To make things easy, we supply everything you will need at the best prices. Order Supplies


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