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Assistance Tracking

Track what you give to people in need and share with your team in real time. Includes everything needed for year end reports.

Track your assistance

Track items needed and received, meetings, phone calls, visits, referrals, denials, approvals, household history, notes, time and miles spent, alerts and followups. It's great for year end reports!

Stop double dipping

Automatically share information with other locations in your group with real-time updating. Easily see community wide history. You decide who you share with and how much.

Help provide better service

Reveal where people havenít gone for assistance. You can also set followups.

Help people shop

Works with Thrift Works Cash Register. Print shopping lists with dollar limits per item and person. Automatically update when items are purchased.

Try it you'll like it

The full version is included in Thrift Works. Download Thrift Works latest version for Windows.


It comes with a demo account for testing. There is a subscription fee per location. This covers set up, hosting, and backups. A location would be considered one store or one parish/conference. A location could have several users and computers.


Modern computer with Windows 7 or higher operating stsyem. Fast internet.

Need supplies?

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